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L'Arca's new bridal collection pays homage to the sensuality of the Mediterranean woman. The sensuality radiated by pleasant country living. Sensuality understood as the inheritance a mother hands down to her daughter. The sensuality hidden away in old dowry chests. And with it come subtle plays on transparency, delicate lace straps and evocative flounces inspired by petticoats.

In each wedding dress from L'Arca, handicraft meets artistry: each gown can be personalized and is made to measure exclusively in our Barcelona workshop. Georgette, crepe, and sateen are the star fabrics of our new collection, a voyage back to the sources of the Mediterranean where hand-crafted embroidery and antique lace grace dresses as well as two-piece wedding suits, the highlight of this season.

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Embroidered bridal veils are one of our specialties.

At L’Arca you will find an extensive selection of vintage wedding veils and exquisite heirlooms. Our Barcelona workshop also produces exclusive reproductions of antique veils, and in our showroom brides can learn the art of wearing romantic veils. Some of the most renowned Spanish bridal fashion designers buy our products and find inspiration in our unique heirlooms.

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antique handmade bridal veil


Antique handmade bridal veil, Brussels lace
19th C.



Antique handmade Mantilla bridal veil, needlepoint and Brussels lace
19th C.

bridal veil


Silk tulle replica bridal veil with Brussels lace appliqué design


An antique brooch, lace gloves, a delicate fan, a headpiece with silk flowers or silver earrings are the perfect accessories for the discerning bride. We carry a wide selection of accessories to give that special touch to your image.

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