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L’Arca offers a wide selection of vintage dresses and wedding accessories. Our collection this season is inspired by the glamor of “The Great Gatsby." We source authentic art deco wedding dresses and offer a line of vintage-inspired ítems, including flapper dresses with beads, sequins, feathers, and other ornaments.

Our dresses are custom-tailored with traditional handicraft techniques. We use antique fabrics and lace while respecting the latest trends.


Art-deco original wedding dress and vintage inspired and headpiece from Nila Taranco. Photos: lafotografiadetuboda

Silk tulle

Silk tulle dress embroidered in silver, silver earrings from l'Arca. Photos: lafotografiadetuboda

Embroidered silk

Embroidered silk dress and 20´s style vintage veil from l’arca. Photos: lafotografiadetuboda

Wedding dress made in chantilly

Wedding dress made in chantilly embroidered lace from l'Arca. Photos: lafotografiadetuboda

Original 20’s dress

Original 20’s dress and embroidered veil from l'Arca. Photos: lafotografiadetuboda

Vintage inspired silver tiara

Vintage inspired silver tiara from l'Arca. Photos: lafotografiadetuboda

Marabou feather fan

Marabou feather fan, with vintage-inspired bandeau and silver earrings from l'Arca.Headpiece from Nila Taranco Photos: lafotografiadetuboda

vestido inspiración vintage gasa

Original wedding dress from the 20’s from l'Arca. Photos: lafotografiadetuboda