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A special city. Barcelona. A magical site. The Gothic Quarter. An heirloom store. L’Arca de l’Avia.

The present gazes into the mirror of the past, into the beautiful things that make us feel that the spirit remains.

Now we call ourselves simply L’Arca: our purest essence.

Antique textiles, wedding dresses, vintage fashions, lace and artisanal crafts. Carefully curated, unique and exclusive items that transcend time and trends.

With more than 40 years of expertise, we have worked with renowned clients and designers. We have participated in exciting projects, from providing costumes and accessories for Hollywood movies to outfitting Gaudi’s landmark Pedrera apartment block with period fabrics and antiques.

Opening the door of L’Arca, you will discover why and how the past is still present.


Rental and Lending

We rent period costumes, fabrics and household linens, as well as props for audiovisual productions (film, television, advertisement). We also lend clothing and vintage accessories to fashion editors and journalists.
In addition we provide advice to art directors wishing to recreate the textile style of any 20th-century period.

Assessment and Purchase

Our store provides a service of assessment of antiques and works of arts (Tuesdays, 5-8 PM). We also offer free assessment on site.
We buy all types of antique clothing, accessories, jewelry and costume jewelry, lace, Manila shawls, fans and mantilla veils. Please feel free to request an estimate at no charge.

Antiques Restoration and Preservation

For more than twenty years, L’Arca has had its own antique restoration workshop. Our team includes sewing professionals and experienced artisans who still master traditional techniques. We can transform, and customize antique clothing and household linens. We also restore antique textiles, including manila shawls, lace, mantilla veils and lace fans.
We also offer to museums a service for the preservation and maintenance of period items.


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